Day 2

If the grass looks greener on the other side, take better care of your lawn.


Day 1

Happy New Year! 🙂 The celebration was bittersweet for me but I won’t linger on that. I ‘m starting this year off on a good note if it kills me. This year is going to be about letting go and staying positive for me. I’m going to make happiness my state of mind and let it guide me where it may. That’s pretty much all I have to say right now. So back to my rice and peas and possibly over-full glass of wine. Hello 2013! 



Catch 22

Like the seasons: ever-present, always changing, and never unfamiliar.

A metaphoric fine wine; it only gets better with time.

Beyond this earth, this moon and all those stars

In the purest way; however tainted I may be –

I love you.

Let me live in this moment.

Bask in the light of my love.

Breathe in the air of my fulfillment.

Just don’t say you love me too.

My catch 22